Weekend at the cabin

Weekend at the cabin

Autumn birthdays. As a kid, I was jealous of my friends whose birthdays fell in the Summertime: First of all, it was summer break, so they had the whole week at their disposal instead of just a weekend. Slumber party on a Wednesday night? I’m game!

They had pool parties, or birthdays at the waterpark. We could bounce on the trampoline, or bust open a piñata in the backyard. Plus, (and perhaps the most important to a grade-schooler) they were older than me!

Well now that I’m an “adult”, I don’t want to grow up. Aaaaand I don’t want to party on a Wednesday night because I’ve got shit to do. Plus, an all-day birthday extravaganza in the hot summer sun is a recipe for sweaty pits, sunburnt cheeks, melty makeup, and hangovers anyways.

Enter the cabin: the perfect and fool-proof solution to the autumn birthday.

Forecast calls for rain? Mix some hot chocolate with Baileys and bust out the board games.

Weather holds up? Light a campfire or take a tour of the lake in your kayak!

With one night of drizzle and one night of clear starry skies, we did just that. It sounds incredibly cheesy, but I loved the rustic charm and sense of tranquility you just can’t quite achieve in suburban Greater Vancouver. I loved feeling like we had all the time in the world to prepare meals, play games, or just veg out and do nothing. There was no cake, just s’mores. No streamers or decorations. We had no plans, and it was awesome.


You can rent this cabin through VRBO, here: http://www.vrbo.com/615217

If you don’t want to deal with the 7 day hold on your damage deposit, or would rather not go through a third-party altogether, Phyllis and Ross kindly accept e-transfers and you can book through them directly. (I think I’ll opt for this next time.)

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